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Chili is dedicated to bringing creativity and imagination to developing technologies. We offer a wide range of robotic solutions for use in the service and edutainment industries. Our mission is to develop cutting edge integrated service robots to help people and industries find solutions for a wide range of uses.


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Voice AI
⦁ Greetings
⦁ Provide instant feedback
⦁ Customer question collection and analysis
⦁ Check-in/out
⦁ Print tickets
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Facial Recognition AI
⦁ Face detection and recognition
⦁ VIP recognition and greeting
⦁ Age analysis
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⦁ Provide real-time customer service
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Mobility Information
⦁ Product introduction / Advertising
⦁ Give directions
⦁ Sightseeing information




Rewarding shopping experience

Having an Chili offers customers an interesting first impression and attracts them to your retail space. It has the advantage of representing your business as being modern and high-tech, and benefits customers by offering them information about your business in a unique and trendy way.
⦁ Shopping floor plan guidance.
⦁ Customer group analysis.
⦁ Voucher printing.



Hotel solutions

Chili benefits your customers by streamlining their check-in experience and showing them useful travel information based on their enquiries, giving them a more satisfying experience with your hotel.
⦁ Muti-language information services.
⦁ Checkout counter with MSR, IC & RFID card reader.
⦁ Ticket booking (e.g. shuttle bus)
⦁ Warm Greeting with video.


Access control with facial recognition

Chili  feature facial recognition technology that can be an important part of your company’s security policy for controlling access to physical locations such as buildings, offices, data centers, or other restricted areas.
⦁ Effective security access control.
⦁ Print visitor access ID


Kindergartens / Schools

The Chili telepresence function is useful for making VOIP video calls so that parents can feel secure with the ability to see and talk with their children at any time, from any place. As an interactive and responsive AI robot, children will have a natural curiosity toward interacting with an Chili that attracts their attention.
⦁ Interactive teaching experience.
⦁ Telepresence teaching application.


Intelligent banking solutions

With instant voice interaction, your customers get what they want instead of standing in line, which helps shorten time and effort for both customers and employees. OCR and document scanning functions make opening a new account a quick, easy and mostly automated process.
⦁ Classify customer service needs.
⦁ MSR, IC & RFID card reader for payment.
⦁ Banking information.
⦁ Banking service promotion



Telemedicine Solution

⦁ The telepresence function can be used for telemedicine as a doctor’s visit, or as a remote family visit in a nursing home.
⦁ A thermal printer can remotely print a doctor’s prescription saving lengthy travel time.
⦁ Facial recognition adds an extra layer of security for patient identification.
⦁ Card reader for ID identify , medical records and payment MSR, IC & RFID.
⦁ Warm interaction with varied facial expression.

Core Technologies and Value

The First Open Platform Robot in the World with a Dual-Core Processor and Dual Operating Systems

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Operating Systems
Windows 10 + Linux (Ubuntu)
CPU – Dual CPU:
(1) Intel i5-7200U (Head)
         (2) Intel Pentium Apollo Lake N4200 (Body)
12 GB (Head: 8 GB + Body: 4 GB)
Flash Memory
Head: 64 GB M.2 SSD (up to 256 GB)
Body: 32 GB eMMC (up to 256 GB SSD)
Display :
Head: 7” (480 x 800)
Front: 15.6” w/touch (1366 x 768)
Back: 15.6” (Optional) 
25.2 V / 34.8 Ah; 876 Wh, 7S12P
3D Camera 
Speaker x 2 (10 W)
Microphone D Mic x 4
WiFi, IEEE a/b/g/n (2.4/5 GHz)
English, Thai, Portuguese (coming soon); STT & TTS: Chinese
130 (H) x 58.5 (L) x 54 (W) cm