What is iCart?

⦁ A smart delivery robot with autonomous navigation that is fully capable of handling most delivery tasks.
⦁ Fully customizable for different scenarios such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, long-term care centers, and factories.
⦁ Easy to Adopt :
Because of its industrial leading LiDAR, iCart is able to perform indoor SLAM without needing magnetic strips or ultra-wideband (UWB) devices.
⦁ Easy to Control :
The iCart fleet management system allows monitoring of robots, task assignment, remote control, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates, all from the cloud.


A Uniquely Intelligent Cart

One-of-a-kind Features
⦁ Stable, silent, brushless motor.
⦁ Up to 12 hours continuous operation.
⦁ IR self-charging (2 rear IR).
⦁ 867 Wh battery capacity.
⦁ High traction wheels.


Easy to Set Up and Manage

1. Windows & Linux support.
2. WiFi connection to facility network.
3. Web-base operational interface for managing and monitoring iCart networked devices.


iCart Benefits 

⦁ Cutting-edge technology provides next-generation support services.
⦁ Operates 24/7 for improved delivery efficiency.
⦁ Improves safety by avoiding people and other obstacles.
⦁ Reliable delivery with monitoring system.
⦁ Smart self-navigation optimizes route to any destination.
⦁ Flexibile software and hardware implementations offer high application scalability.
⦁ Easy to deploy: requires no modifications to existing facility.
⦁ Feature-rich with flexible options gives you the best ROI.




Dimension (mm)       W520 x L580 x H355
Weight(kg)              40 (88 lbs)
Payload (kg)           100
Sensors               1xLiDAR,  7xUltrasonic,  2xIR,  1x3D camera

Dual system

System 1               Intel N4200 (Windows) / 32 GB eMMC (Windows 10)
System 2               Intel i5-7200U (Linux) / 64 GB SSD (Linux / Ubuntu)
Ram                   Linux : 8 GB / Windows : 4 GB


Operation Hours       10-12 hours
Recharge Time           Full charge 4 hours
Battery                 25.2V / 34.8 Ah : 876Wh, 7S12P


Max. Speed              1 (m/sec.)
Max Approach Angle       30
Traversable Gap           16mm